Contact Dr Burton After Hours

After hours phone calls are only accepted for patients who have undergone surgery. If this is the case, you were given Dr. Burton’s home phone number as well as his cellphone number and specific instructions on how to contact him. He is available by phone 24 hours per day for patients who have had their surgery. However, please limit calls after 10pm to true emergencies only. If you have misplaced those instructions, you may find them by clicking here.

If you are a patient of record who has not yet undergone surgery, or you are a new patient, please leave a message on the office answering machine at (618) 519-9363 and your call will be returned promptly when the office reopens. Messages left on Dr. Burton’s emergency line will not be returned for patients not of record or whom have not undergone surgical treatment for their issue.  If you have not yet undergone your surgery and the office is closed, and your issue is a true emergency, go to the nearest emergency room/urgent care center for evaluation.

Please note: Prescriptions will only be refilled after normal office hours on weekends (or on a weekday between 8am-4pm if the office is closed for the day) for patients who have undergone surgery.  Medication refills on weekdays (Monday-Friday) must be refilled during normal office hours.  FDA regulations since 2014 require a signed prescription or electronic submission.  Therefore, pain medications will only be refilled during normal office hours.